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Shedding light on the impact of usury, this article delves into its economic consequences and proposes measures for a sustainable future.

Ending Usury: A Path to Economic and Environmental Sustainability

In this era of economic complexities, it is vital to address the impact of usury on our financial systems. This article explores how usury shapes our economy and suggests that ending it can lead to a more sustainable future.

The Illusion of Funds from Thin Air

The current lending system creates an illusion of magically appearing funds through a borrower's signature. High-interest rates burden borrowers, trapping them in cycles of debt and predatory practices. This perpetuates a system that benefits usurers at the expense of individuals and the overall stability of the economy. The illusion of easy funds masks the underlying imbalance of power and the consequences it imposes on vulnerable borrowers.

The Environmental Impact

Usury's environmental consequences are often overlooked. The transfer and funneling of wealth have changed the landscape as a greedy consciousness takes over the land. The pursuit of profit has led to the exploitation of resources, contributing to environmental degradation and climate change. Industries work in synergy to farm humans of wealth and resources. With the relentless pursuit of interest payments and unsustainable growth, natural resources are depleted, ecosystems are disrupted, and pollution levels rise. By perpetuating a system that prioritizes short-term gains over long-term environmental sustainability, usury further exacerbates the ecological crisis we currently face.

Tangible Asset Certificate-Based Monetary System

To combat usury and inflation, implementing a tangible asset certificate-based monetary system is proposed. Tying currency value to tangible assets ensures a stable and sustainable economy. Under this system, money is backed by valuable assets like gold, silver, or other tangible resources. This approach provides intrinsic value to the currency, reducing the potential for arbitrary inflation or devaluation. It also promotes responsible resource management, as the value of the currency becomes closely tied to the health of the environment and the availability of these tangible assets.

The Path to Financial Security

Transitioning to a tangible asset certificate-based monetary system brings forth challenges and opportunities that necessitate collective efforts from governments, financial institutions, and individuals alike. Embracing this change enables us to establish trust and stability, shielding ourselves from the exploitative practices of usurers. Shifting the mindset from a debt-based economy to one focused on sustainable growth and accountability will require significant adjustments and reforms, but the benefits will outweigh the challenges. By empowering individuals with a more stable financial system, we can build a stronger society that is not beholden to the predatory practices of usury.

Promises of the Great Awakening

While this solution may appear theoretical or religious to some, it is important to recognize that securing our economy with tangible assets aligns with the promises of the Great Awakening. The principles of fairness, justice, and equity that resonate with the Great Awakening correspond to the imperative of addressing usury's adverse impact on individuals and society. By prioritizing the well-being of all individuals and safeguarding the environment, we can work towards a more just and sustainable economic system.

Ending usury is not a matter of faith alone; it is a reality experienced by many. Recognizing the harmful consequences of exorbitant interest rates and adopting a tangible asset certificate-based monetary system will pave the way for a more sustainable economic future. Let us strive for a financial system that prioritizes fairness, responsibility, and environmental stewardship. Together, we can create a future where economic prosperity is not at the expense of individuals or the planet.

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