Big Bad Wolves

Unveil the unsettling connection between corrupt corporations and foreign agendas in our powerful blog. Discover how these corporations manipulate legislation and attempt to subvert our Constitutional Republic into a mob ruled democracy. Explore the critical role of vigilance in curbing their influence.
The Big Bad Wolves of Congress - LAW OF THE LAND

Frontier Forever: Upholding Heritage and Ecclesiastical Rights

Esteemed Patrons of Our Noble Cause,

With profound reverence for our organization's rich heritage and steadfast commitment to ecclesiastical principles, we present an allegorical exploration inspired by the timeless tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Within the narrative tapestry of this beloved fable lies a poignant reflection of the challenges we face in upholding our rights as an independent state, amidst the encroaching shadows of corruption and foreign influence.

The saga unfolds with the innocent journey of Little Red Riding Hood, symbolizing the unsuspecting populace, adorned with her iconic red cloak—a beacon of identity and innocence. Entrusted by her mother to visit her grandmother, she embarks upon her path through the woods, heedful of her mother's cautionary words against straying and mingling with strangers.

Enter the cunning wolf, embodying the insidious machinations of corrupt corporations, lurking within the metaphorical forest of political intrigue and legislative corridors. Like the wolf, these entities employ guile and manipulation, enticing the unsuspecting with promises of prosperity while concealing their true motives beneath a veneer of deceit.

As Little Red Riding Hood encounters the wolf, so too does the populace encounter the allure of corporate influence, seducing and diverting attention from the righteous path of governance. Like the wolf's cunning persuasion, these corporations exploit loopholes and sway legislative powers to serve foreign interests, ensnaring the unwitting in a web of deceit and self-serving agendas.

Yet, amidst the shadows of manipulation, a glimmer of hope emerges—a vigilant hunter, embodying the spirit of righteous guardianship and accountability. This figure represents the unwavering resolve of individuals and advocates dedicated to safeguarding the sanctity of our Nation's principles and liberties.

Just as the hunter intervenes to rescue Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother from the wolf's clutches, so too must we stand firm against the encroachment of corruption and foreign influence. Through transparency, accountability, and unwavering commitment to our Nation's ideals, we strive to thwart the predatory advances of corrupt entities and ensure that justice prevails.

In the spirit of Little Red Riding Hood's triumph over adversity, let us unite in our pursuit of truth, justice, and the preservation of our sacred heritage and ecclesiastical rights. Together, we shall illuminate the shadows, defy the wolves at our doorstep, and uphold the noble legacy of our forebears for generations to come.

Yours faithfully,
Frontier Forever

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