The Invisible Tax: Inflation Monster - Frontier Forever

The Invisible Tax - Inflation Monster - Frontier Forever

Erosion of Our Labor: The Invisible Tax - Inflation Monster

In today's economic landscape, the erosion of our labor by the invisible tax known as inflation has become a pressing issue. It is a silent monster that slowly devours the value of our hard-earned money, leaving us with less purchasing power and financial security.

Discover how inflation impacts society through an insightful explanation from the Tuttle Twins in the video below.


The root cause of this erosion lies in our nation's failure to use constitutional money. The United States Constitution explicitly states that only gold and silver shall be recognized as legal tender. Unfortunately, we have strayed from this principle and allowed fiat currency to dominate our economy.

So, how can we restore the Republic, save America, and fix Congress to eliminate the influence of lobbyists for the evil global agenda? Here are some steps we can take:

  1. Educate Ourselves: It is crucial to understand the history and consequences of fiat currency and inflation. By educating ourselves, we can become informed advocates for change.
  2. Advocate for Constitutional Money: We must raise awareness about the importance of returning to constitutional money. This means supporting initiatives that promote the use of gold and silver as legal tender.
  3. Hold Congress Accountable: We need to demand transparency and accountability from our elected officials. This includes pushing for legislation that prevents lobbyists from exerting undue influence over our lawmakers.
  4. Support Local and Independent Businesses: By patronizing local and independent businesses, we can help create a more resilient and sustainable economy that is less susceptible to the inflation monster.
  5. Encourage Financial Literacy: Promoting financial literacy is essential in empowering individuals and communities to make sound financial decisions. This includes understanding the impact of inflation and how to protect our labor from its erosion.

It is time to take action and confront the erosion of our labor by the invisible tax - the inflation monster. By restoring the use of constitutional money, fixing Congress, and advocating for a more transparent and accountable system, we can save America from the clutches of the evil global agenda. Together, let's protect our labor, preserve our values, and secure a prosperous future for all.

Unveiling the Illusion of Fiat Currency: How it Fuels Entitlement and Degrades Values

In today's society, the concept of money dominates our lives. We work tirelessly, pursuing financial success and security. However, have you ever stopped to question the nature of the currency we use?

Fiat currency, defined as legal tender backed by nothing but the trust and faith of the people, has become the norm in most countries. Yet, this illusionary system has far-reaching consequences that often go unnoticed.

The Illusion of Value

One of the most significant flaws of fiat currency is its ability to create an illusion of value. Unlike precious metals like gold or silver, fiat currency holds no intrinsic worth. Its value is entirely dependent on the trust placed in it by individuals and governments.

This illusion can lead to a sense of entitlement among those who possess it. People become accustomed to the convenience and power that money provides, often losing sight of the effort and hard work required to earn it.

The Flood of Currency

Fiat currency allows governments to print money at will, flooding the market with an excess supply. This flood of currency can lead to inflation, devaluing the purchasing power of individuals' hard-earned money.

As the supply of money increases, prices rise, and the cost of living escalates. Ordinary individuals find it increasingly challenging to afford basic necessities, while the wealthy few can manipulate this system to their advantage.

A Breeding Ground for Greed

Fiat currency creates an environment where greed thrives. The ability to print money out of thin air grants immense power to those in control of the monetary system.

This power often leads to a distorted sense of entitlement and an insatiable desire for more. The pursuit of wealth becomes an end in itself, overshadowing the importance of ethical behavior and the well-being of society as a whole.

Degrading Moral and Social Values

As fiat currency perpetuates a culture of entitlement and greed, it contributes to the erosion of moral and social values. Concepts like honesty, integrity, and empathy take a back seat when the primary focus is accumulating wealth at any cost.

Furthermore, the constant pursuit of money can lead individuals to neglect their relationships, health, and personal growth. The insidious influence of fiat currency seeps into every aspect of life, gradually eroding the values that truly matter.


It is essential to recognize the illusionary nature of fiat currency and its impact on society. By understanding the flaws of this system, we can strive for a more equitable and sustainable alternative.

Ultimately, rediscovering the value of hard work, fostering empathy and compassion, and prioritizing ethical behavior are crucial steps towards reclaiming our true values and building a society that transcends the illusion of fiat currency.

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