Nurturing Heritage and Divine Guardianship

At Frontier Forever, we embrace the profound stewardship and sustainability teachings within biblical scripture, aiming to forge a community homestead that flourishes in harmony with God’s creation. With a foundation in ancestral wisdom and divine direction, our purpose extends beyond agriculture; we are building a communal space where food security, communal resilience, and shared prosperity are at the forefront of our efforts.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate a land abundant with life, where heirloom seeds and plentiful harvests thrive under our care. We pledge to uphold a fair trade ethos, engaging in equitable commerce that not only revitalizes our nation’s economy but also stands as a bulwark against corporate overreach.

Goals and Objectives

  • Heirloom Seed Guardianship: To safeguard biodiversity and the legacy of heritage crops.
  • Regenerative Agriculture: Championing soil vitality, water stewardship, and the rich tapestry of nature.
  • Knowledge and Autonomy: Equip our community with the means for self-reliance and secure food sources.
  • Universal Food Access: Ensuring everyone can obtain wholesome, locally sourced nourishment.
  • Community Cohesion: Cultivating a sense of unity and encouraging active participation.

Our Pledge

Solis Holdings Inc, operating under Frontier Forever and Heir Loom Farms, is dedicated to fostering a food system that is both just and enduring, reverently acknowledging the sacred balance of creation. Our commitment to responsible stewardship, community involvement, and principled commerce is designed to engender transformative societal shifts, nurturing a profound bond among people, the earth, and the sustenance it provides.

Red Box with Triple Line Border

As a decree of our Private Membership Association, recognized as a Nonprofit Faith-Based Organization under the auspices of the New Jersey State Constitutional Charter, we affirm the preservation of all rights and immunities. Our full immunity, upheld as a Foreign National Sovereign Ecclesiastical State, is hereby acknowledged and accepted. Any acceptance is granted with value and returned with honor, while exemption from levy is duly recognized. Drawing from the Equity biblical scripture from the 1599 Geneva as Law and foundation for our existence, we seek to operate as a temple faith-based organization within the world but not of the world, aspiring to embody the teachings of Christ in all our dealings and actions.

“Guardians of the High Frontier.”